Passion International Open University – USA Central Faculty Of Islamic Studies

Introduction to the faculty

The faculty of Islamic Sciences is considered one of the basic faculties at the Open International University of Passion in America; In terms of pioneering the establishment, and in terms of the diversity of activities, frameworks, and the number of affiliates

The faculty includes the finest scientific cadres and international professional competencies, who put their experiences at the disposal of enthusiasts and researchers to satisfy their scientific and knowledge cravings and obtain certificates at various levels with significant academic accreditation, through the departments:

Creed, Islamic thought and religions.

Islamic history and civilization.

Fiqh and its foundations.

Hadith and its sciences.

Dawah and Islamic culture.

The Arabic language and its sciences.

Interpretation and the sciences of the Qur’an.

Quranic readings.

General section.

-Complementary medicine.

-Islamic economics.

-Scientific Miracles in the Quran and Sunnah .

Frequently Asked Questions About Faculty Of Islamic Studies

The faculty contains all programs and curricula.. starting from the preparatory diploma and bachelor’s to master’s and doctorate.

The faculty adopts the years system and the hours system according to the conditions of each student; Research enables all students to continue studying in a flexible manner.

Yes, the university’s certificates are accredited by the British Accreditation Service for Schools, faculties and Universities (ASIC), which is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and recognized by the Higher Education Association Council (CHEA). The university also has twinning with a number of accredited universities.

Yes, because the British accreditation made qualified university graduates able to apply for government jobs and others, as ASIC has a good reputation among the ministries of higher education in various countries because of its high transparency and integrity in verifying everything that guarantees the quality and credibility of the educational institution to which accreditation is provided. Its accreditation is officially recognized in the ministries of education as a justification for obtaining official accreditation from those ministries.

Yes, because the university has twinning with a number of universities such as the University of the Noble Qur’an and the Rooting of Governmental Sciences in Sudan, LAN TABOER University in Indonesia, KAAT University in Niger and the university expands its partners every season.

Yes, the faculty respects the scientific and cognitive inclinations of its students and affiliates and allows them to change specialization within it, while providing advice and guidance.

Yes, the student can submit his work to the faculty and obtain the business equivalency by a decision of a scientific committee that arbitrates the works.

The faculty ‘s study system is diverse and meets the aspirations of all enthusiasts.

Both models are available in most countries, and the distance education system is available to all.

Yes, students can resume their studies after submitting an application to the faculty. Our goal is to meet the needs of all enthusiasts at any time.

The university considers the issue of fees secondary and is only to cover the faculty’s expenses and its financial and administrative obligations and focuses on higher and cognitive achievement. Therefore, faculty fees and the university as a whole are the lowest among universities that adopt the distance or direct education system.

Yes, this can be done according to the conditions and capabilities of the student.

The faculty conducts a variety of activities, including courses, seminars, conferences, and various scientific and intellectual activities that students can attend and participate in for free. They can also take the initiative to organize activities in coordination with the heads of the departments they belong to. Students are also given a card and a registration certificate proving their affiliation with the faculty, and to give it when necessary.

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