Passion International University, USA Faculty of Media

The Faculty of Mass Communication is considered one of the distinguished Faculties at Passion International Open University in America. It works according to the requirements of local, regional and global communities. It also works according to the current global conditions and according to the needs of students of communication sciences, public relations and media, which students who are eager to study media need as needed by the employees in the departments of institutional communication, civilized communication and relations. The public and the media in government institutions, the private sector, non-profit institutions and the third sector alike.

The Faculty of Media also provides the labor market with constructive, serious cards from media professionals who are qualified to work directly in the fields of journalism, media, advertising and media and artistic production institutions in all technical and academic disciplines.

It also works to provide the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies for passionate students in the field of journalism and media in all its broad theoretical and applied fields.

It is also working on preparing media trainers in the academic, theoretical and practical fields through the most prestigious media production and training institutions in the world.

The Faculty also participates with the university administration and the rest of the Faculties in general conferences, seminars, media forums and other events, activities, community service programs and so on.

The Faculty of Mass Communication includes two main departments according to the following specializations:

Department of Radio and Television Department of Journalism Media

The Faculty awards the following academic degrees:

First: Specialized media diplomas.

Second: Bachelor of Media.

Third: Postgraduate Studies:

1- Masters

2- PhD

The most prominent activities and events of the Faculty

  • Informational seminars.
  • Forums and media conferences.
  • Educational evenings in the field of communication and media sciences.

Frequently Asked Questions About Faculty of mass communication

Stages and degrees Number of years Number of hours

Specialized media diplomas, minimum for one diploma, six months, at least 20 hours

Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication 4 years or with at least 120 hours of completion

Masters two years or complete hours of at least 40 hours

Ph.D. Two years or at least 50 credit hours completed

The university in general and the faculty of Media in particular adopt the intensive credit-hour system according to the occasion of the students times and diligence, where the study is online in the distance education system on the universitys electronic platform for the zoom program.

Graduate program for higher diploma, masters and doctorate?

Answer: The student can communicate with the university administration to provide him with all the appropriate fees


To enter a Ph.D. program, you must hold at least a bachelor’s degree in the field, though a master’s degree is usually preferable. Doctorate applicants must also submit GRE scores and letters of recommendation.

Yes, it is possible according to the study criteria or as deemed appropriate by the university and faculty administration

Usually at the beginning of the study half of the prescribed fees are as

The university considers and takes into account the student’s financial conditions and works on the installments of the rest of the fees

in batches

The university administration considers the reasons and circumstances and then judges in light of that. Often the university administration takes into account the conditions of students at those times

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