Recognition And International Accreditation

1 – University degrees can be attested by the State Department – Colorado or Washington DC.

2 – All the certificates issued by Passion International university have








(Internationally accredited), and “Kaat” International University –

“NIGER” (internationally accredited). Certificates can be issued to

Passion International University students from the Ministry of Higher

Education in Niger and Indonesia.

Besides, it was confirmed that the news of the accreditation of the Indonesian LAN TABOER University and the University of “Ka`at” from

the ministries of higher education in some countries.


3 – PIUSAD is accredited university by the British accreditation body ASIC, which operates under the direct supervision of the British government, and has high transparency and credibility. It is internationally recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in many countries. The British Accreditation Commission ASIC has accredited more than 400 educational institutions (universities and schools ..) with high quality standards, including major universities, in Egypt, Morocco, Malaysia, Oman and Jordan…

“Passion International Open University for Sciences, Arts and Development has many Areas of Strength and Good Practice and in particular has been awarded commendable grades in Areas of Operation B, and sub areas A6, C4, and D3 and G1”. Prof.John Wilson, Chair of AAC. The meanings of these Indicators according to the report of ASIC’S inspectors: B Governance, Management and Staff Resources A.6 All staff have access to workspaces and IT C.4.1 Sample lesson plans relating to the course description, curriculum and learning outcomes C.4.2 Written procedures for teachers on providing feedback on students’ work C.4.3 Samples of marked student work

D.3 Do mechanisms exist for students to provide feedback on the delivery of their courses and/or the quality of research supervision, and the quality of the supporting resources? D.3.1 Examples of completed student feedback questionnaires D.3.2 Records of relevant meetings involving students G.1.1 Ethics policy in relation to: the marketing of the Institution; the recruitment of students; the ethical practice of staff and agents G.1.2 Written administrative procedures for processing student



4 – Passion International Open University- USA is a permanent member of the Union of Afro-Asian Universities, which is chaired by His Excellency Prof. Yusuf Kalla, Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, and the executive president of it is His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Ahmed bin Yusuf Al-Dariwish, President of the International Islamic University in Islamabad, The Union of Afro-Asian Universities was founded by a group of Major accredited universities in various countries.

Some direct branches of Passion University also act as an official representative offices for the Union of Afro-Asian Universities in those countries.