Passion International Open University – USA Faculty of Development and Humanities

Introduction to the Faculty


The first faculty in the world to categorize and rearrange the priorities of psychological, educational and developmental sciences in a manner that is beneficial in building a contemporary person who preserves his identity and supports others by all means of global wisdom, through three sections: Self-development (so that the student learns the most important sciences in the world in personal development) and mental health Where its pioneering, modern and distinguished schools) and whole-brain sciences and strengths (where the understanding of the brain functionally and its relationship to rapid learning, professional development and human strengths) to work together those three departments to create a global human being, the faculties and tools .

Frequently Asked Questions About Faculty of Development and Humanities

The current departments seek together to build the personality of a psychologically correct person who thinks globally and implements locally, who discovers his strengths and works with and on them, develops his ways of thinking, and uses all modern psychological and subjective sciences to unleash and sharpen all his abilities.

The courses of the faculty of Development and Human Sciences focused on the following:

  1. Focus on the strengths of students at all levels of study and postgraduate studies.
  2. Conducting the latest international standards for all students, which helps them to develop their self-awareness
  3. Adapting all human development sciences and global human development reports as easy-to-use tools and strategies for learners
  4. See and navigate with the latest mental health schools in the world
  5. Bringing all the global knowledge in the first universities in the world and making it pliable in the hands of the students

All curricula of the departments of the faculty of Development and Humanities have been prepared based on international academic standards from

Theoretical credit hours

Practical credit hours

Research and field projects


Psychological consultant

educational doctor

educational coach

educational coach

Mental abilities specialist

talent discovery specialist

life skills coach

Life Coach

personal assistance coach

Professional help coach

Self Awareness Coach

thinking developer

systems designer

systems developer

University Professor

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