Passion International Open University – USA Faculty of law

Introduction to the faculty

The Faculty of Law was established in the Moroccan city of Fez, and is affiliated with Passion International Open University, which was established in the United States of America and is active in many countries, including Arab, African and Asian countries.

The Faculty of Law adopts in the teaching process a dual, integrative strategy, combining two consistent approaches. The first approach is determined by direct in-person teaching, and the second approach is represented in electronic modern teaching (remotely), through the advanced means provided by the university.

The teaching system at the faculty of Law at Passion International Open University is based on several levels, starting with the level of the introductory diploma, the bachelor’s stage, then the master’s degree, in addition to the doctorate. Which graduates want it by a number of famous and well-known educational institutions.

The Faculty of Law also has a staff of highly qualified professors and doctors in various disciplines affiliated with legal and political sciences and other things that fall within the scope of the faculty and its activities. Comparative study, as respected professors provide legal information in Arab and European countries and other comparative experiences, especially the leading ones in the legal field .

Frequently Asked Questions About Faculty of law

 The answer is that the study at the Faculty of Law adopts a system of pairing in-person and electronic classes, and includes different stages from the preliminary diploma to the doctorate, passing through the bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The answer is that the faculty certificates are accredited by the British Accreditation Commission and can be equalized by the university in accordance with the agreements concluded by the university with a number of other educational, research and academic institutions.

 This faculty is distinguished by its multiple faculty, administrative and technical staff, which provides students with various services that help them accumulate knowledge and scientific benefits.


Teacher and lecturer

Acting Executive Director of the faculty, Head of the Public Law Department

Master.Yassine Chadi


Assistant Professor

Head of the Department of Criminal Law

Dr.Mohamed Taman


Teacher and lecturer

International Law

Master.Mohamed Awad


Teacher and lecturer

Administrative Law

Master.Ahmed Farag Samak

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