Passion International University for Sciences, Arts and Development is an American Accredited and Certified university. (PIUSAD) is the Abbreviation of the university name. The Preparation for the university project began in Morocco – April 2019, based on experiments and accumulation of experiences in Elearning and direct education for more than 10 years . Prof. Dr. ISMAIL AHMED (With some success partners) has founded passion International University in COLORADO STATE – USA at October 2019 17 – License No 20191827364. PIUSAD was officially accredited by the British accreditation body ASIC which is recognized from the higher education ministries on June 2021. Passion University is also a permanent member in the Union of Afro-Asian Universities. PIUSAD adopts the distance continues system in learning and training, and grant the professional grades in the theoretical disciplines of seven faculties: computers and information, Islamic Studies, education, law, Administrative sciences, development, and media.

Physical Address of PIUSAD are in Colorado state: 2806 N SPEER BLVD # 2806 – DENVER CO 4225-80211 Whatsapp : +16025366022  / +17206830952 PIUSAD is currently active in USA and more than 30 countries and got a fixed headquarters for education or direct training in some countries.


The Exclusive agent of PIUSAD in AFRICA AND MIDDLE EAST IS “ALFIRDAWS Center” – Morocco, which is professionally licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Morocco under the Commercial Record: AL FIRDAWS CENTER “SARL AU” N du Registre du commerce: siege social 19541 : AV Aljamiaa Arabia ZKT Intissar NO 13 TETOUAN – MOROCCO Fixed Tel: 00212539700583

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