Passion International Open University – USA Faculty of Education

Introduction to the faculty

The College of Education is one of the colleges of Passion International University in America, and it works according to the requirements of the local, regional and global communities. And according to the conditions and needs of educational and psychological sciences needed by the family, school and mental health centers, as well as providing society, especially the labor market, with serious constructive cards from enthusiastic educators in the field of education. And therapists and psychological counselors in the field of mental health … It works to provide an opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies, prepare them for motivated students and provide them with vital skills to work in educational universities and training centers, and hold forums, conferences and seminars that are popular with many educational and non-educational centers and institutions.

The College of Education includes the following departments

  1. Arabic Language Department
  2. Department of Arabic for non-native speakers
  3. Department of Psychology and Sociology.
  4. Department of Special Education
  5. Department of Fundamentals of Education
  6. Department of Islamic Studies
  7. Department of Philosophy
  8. Management and Planning Department
  9. Mathematics Department
  10. Science Department
  11. English Department
  12. Turkish Language Department
  13. Education Technology Department
  14. Curriculum and Instruction Department

Frequently Asked Questions About Faculty of Education

The university adopts the intensive credit hour system according to the appropriate time of the student and his diligence to complete the study requirements for all stages or according to the completion of writing the research for postgraduate studies in case he was chosen for that. The study that is required and required of him

It is possible to communicate with the university administration and provide the student with all appropriate fees for the student’s standard of living and financial capabilities

Yes, this can be done according to the study criteria or as the university administration deems appropriate

Of course, studying (distance via the Internet)

As for the diploma and bachelor’s stages, the student chooses either the credit hours, which is often the common one, or the semester system… As for postgraduate studies, they follow the credit hours system, or writing the research, or both, according to the student’s choice.

 Usually, at the beginning of the study, half of the prescribed fees are paid, and the university considers and takes into account the student’s financial conditions and works on dividing the rest of the fees in installments.

  1. Is the university educational system as a whole (online, distance), or is face-to-face education available as well?
  1. The university administration considers the reasons and circumstances and then judges in light of that. Often the university administration takes into account the conditions of the students at those times

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