Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ali Mohamed Youssef, from Egypt, Dean of the Faculty of People of Determination

The Faculty of Sciences of People of Determination is considered one of the leading and unique Faculties because of its specificity in the teaching method and the various departments. It is the first in our Arab world in the distance learning method. It works according to the requirements of local, regional and global communities and according to the needs of the person with disability and his family. The Faculty works to provide opportunities to pursue scientific research and postgraduate studies for researchers, prepare them and provide them with vital skills to work in universities.

And teaching centres.

. Organizing forums, conferences and seminars that witness great demand among centers and institutions

Educational and non-educational


World-class facilitation services and increased service to the community of students with disabilities.

the message:

Students with disabilities have access to an equal learning environment and are enabled to take full advantage of the educational, social and cultural opportunities offered at Passion University and their ease of access.

For services

Objectives :

Our goal is to promote the full participation and independence of people with disabilities in education. Optimal use of assistive technology in distance education in all specializations.
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Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ali Mohamed Youssef, Dean of the Faculty of People of Determination

March 24, 2024